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Promoting Your Website Twice!

I recently became aware that promoting your internet site in Search Engines may immediately be double within Google! That's right, it is possible to quickly market your website two times at once!

I recently became aware that promoting your web site searching Engines could quickly be doubled within Google! That is right, it is possible to quickly market your site 2 times at the same time!

So how can you Market Your Website twice?


Many of us usually increase www.yoursite.com. But the thing you need to realize is that many sites are available on search engines by simply entering... http://yoursite.com - with no internet.

Check it out for a second, lets visit google and enter your url with the www. and then with no internet.

So for me it would be:

1) www.smartads.info

2) http://smartads.info

Exactly the same will submit an application for sub-domains also. A sub-domain can be a section of your internet site specialized in some thing you create but instead of living within your normal index, it resides within it's own directory,like I've shown below...





And with that again, you are able to promote your sub-domain twice in Search Engines like so...

1) www.sub-domain.yoursite.com

2) http://sub-domain.yousite.com

Therefore subsequently, I've only showed you how you can increase 4 web sites with all the current same goal in your mind, yours of-course!

How you can use your brand-new found knowledge:

Hopefully, you are all aware of how important it's to make a link exchange program to your business? Well, what you just wish to do is always to mix up your links when submitting to others for a list inside their site. Get additional resources on our affiliated link by clicking internet orange county electrician.

In other words...

Lets say I only discovered 4 sites that I want to trade links with, I'd do something like this... Dig up more about privacy by browsing our refreshing paper.

Site #1: I would send (www.yoursite.com)

Site #2: I would send (http://yoursite.com)

Site #3: I'd send (www.sub-domain.yoursite.com)

Site #4: I would submit (http://sub-domain.yoursite.com)

Now I'm selling my site with 4 times the energy than before!

But don't end there...

Do you write articles? What about committing 2 of the links to every article. Modify them up with each report.


Report #1 (How to Submit Your Site to Se's)

Try adding



Report # 2 (How to Market Your Site Twice)

Try putting

http://yoursite.com &


I hope this small timbit of knowledge gives the edge to you you need to put your business ahead of the game!

Most readily useful of luck to you!

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